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Audience Engagement Ideas to Use at Exhibitions

Posted on: Monday, 07 January 2019)

It’s crucial to attract an audience to your exhibition stand. If you don’t, there’s nobody to discuss your products or services with.

Nowadays, it’s become more and more competitive in the exhibition circle, and brands are having to work even harder to have the most attractive and appealing stand.

Fear not, there is still hope if you’re thinking of attending an exhibition soon. There’s ways to attract an audience without just having a flashy stand – you really need to engage your audience and make their experience at your both or stand interactive and really get them involved with your business.

So how can you do that?


Arguably the best way to make an exhibition stand interactive, using games is a trend gaining popularity at the moment. Introducing a game for attendees to play when they visit your stand is fun and challenging to the player, encouraging them to stay for longer and creating something memorable for your brand.

It could also draw in an audience who ordinarily wouldn’t tend to pay any attention to your stand, which is a bonus if it results in more leads.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are some of the newest technologies to arrive at exhibitions. The capability of AR in bringing a brand to life is unmatched. It is used by some brands today – car manufacturers will use AR to allow potential buyers to explore its features before purchase.

If you can harness the power of AR in a way that enhances what you’re trying to sell, there are no limits as to the engagement you’ll receive at your stand.


Everyone loves the opportunity to win things! People will hardly turn down freebies if you host a competition that requires little to no effort from their side.

A business card draw is a great way to do this – you immediately have people’s contact details to get in touch with the winner, and you can add them to your database to ensure they become a lead. It’s a win-win situation for your brand.

Photo Booths/Walls

This is a way to boost the social media engagement from visitors to your stand at the exhibition. Invite delegates to have a photo taken in your booth or in front of your specifically designed wall, and encourage them to share this on social media and tag your business or add a specific hashtag to their post to make them identifiable.

This leads to more exposure and shares on social media for your business, while passers by will see the action and want to get involved themselves, at which point you can engage in conversations with more attendees.


Beacons such as Google Beacons are a new introduction to the marketing industry, but exhibitions could be a particularly useful place for them.

Regarded as the latest in proximity marketing, beacons are set up in specific locations and use Bluetooth to either send or receive information from nearby devices.

Setting a beacon up on your stand could have great results if you set it to send out alerts about your stand or special offers when people pass within range. This could be a motive for them to then visit your stand and could result in more leads than you expected!


A Q&A session could be the best way to engage people at your stand. Too often people ask questions to solve a problem they’re having. Encouraging people to participate and ask questions about your product means that their questions could be bought up if they aren’t comfortable asking themselves.

It’s then your time to swoop in and solve their problem with your product, really showing the value you can offer and sealing the deal with the visitors to your stand.

Product Demos

This is a great way to show off the features and capabilities of your products. Inviting passers by to try your product allows them to experience it for themselves and see the benefits of what you’re selling, which could just be the highly interactive way to make people buy.

Now you know how to best interact and engage with your exhibition attendees, it’s your chance to shine and really try and show the value in your products.

If you need any help designing your stand to suit whichever of these techniques you decide to use, get in contact with our team today.



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