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Brand Identity – What is it and Why is it Important?

Posted on: Friday, 20 December 2019)

Brand identity is a phrase that most people will have heard at least once, but what does it actually mean, and why is it so important in creating a successful business?

Creating an Identity

Brand identity is exactly that, the identity (or personality) of your company. But it is a bit more than that too as, unlike brand image, the identity is in your control. It is how you want your company to be seen and remembered by your customers.

A successful brand identity will result in positive effects on customer engagement and conversion, as the target audience will be;

• More willing to engage with the brand if they like the identity
• More likely to remember the brand and return
• More likely to tell their friends about the brand
• More likely to make that initial transaction
• More likely to become a returning customer
• May even be willing to spend more with the brand

It is really important, therefore, to start right at the beginning when creating your brand identity and take time to understand the market that you are advertising to. You can then line this up with your company and specific goals. For example, a clothing company with an ethically minded market may wish to be identified as sourcing organic fabrics. Things you may wish to consider when creating a brand include:

• Your target marketing demographic and what they already buy in to
• How do test groups respond to your brand ideas?
• What kind of reaction/feeling do you want to create and how can you do this with colours and words?
• Can you find an external agency with experience in your business areas to help you create a reliable and effective brand?

A number of different factors combine to create a successfully brand identity, these include; your company name, logo design, visual elements (such as brand colours and patterns), the type of language used in your advertisements and how employees interact with your customers. Essentially, anything that you, as the business, have control over.

Importance and Downfalls

Creating your brand identity allows you to take control of how your customers perceive your business. It ensures you are memorable and easily recognisable for future interactions. Done right, you are creating a relationship of loyalty between you and your customer which will boost sales, help achieve your business goals and make future product launches much more successful.

Unfortunately, there are some downfalls that can happen when brand identity is done wrong, or not done at all. When trying to put an image of your company into the heads of your customers, one wrong step can completely derail this and result in a negative perception. This can have a detrimental impact on your goals and, in worse case scenarios, a real financial impact.

However, you do not need to create your brand identity alone. Custom Creative have over 20 years of experience in this field and we are on hand to help in various capacities; from partnering alongside your marketing team, right up to taking a lead on the project ourselves. Contact us today to find out how we can help create the right brand identity for you.



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