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Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2018)

Recently Custom Creative worked in conjunction with the Chemical Industries Association to help promote UK chemical based companies overseas to help them gain a higher profile within the European market.

The show was Chemspec, which this year was held in Cologne.

The stand was designed to showcase all UK exhibitors with a high profile to attract passing visitors, each exhibitor was allocated a lightbox promoting their business and furniture, with the use of a central store room and a private meeting room.

The whole stand was brought together under the UK flag branding to promote the UK as being both innovative and at the forefront leading the way within the chemical industry.

The stand was well received and proved very popular amongst both the exhibitors and visitors.

Next year Chemspec will be held in Basel, and CIA are hoping to attract even more chemical based companies.

Contact us today if you have a group or country pavilion, and we are confident we can come up with a unique solution.



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