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How Exhibition Lighting Can Transform Your Stand

Posted on: Friday, 06 September 2019)

Light is an essential element of any modern exhibition. Whether your allocated space is in the dingiest and darkest corner, or you’ve been given the prime spot, lighting can really make a difference to the overall final impression your stand gives.

What Can Lighting Do?

Lighting is great for many purposes. It can highlight specific areas of your stand, cast a general atmospheric glow or show off individual products to their highest standard.

Lighting impacts the way people perceive and therefore interact with your brand. Lights can create a mood or atmosphere suitable to what you’re trying to convey – warm lighting is cosy and welcoming, cold light stimulates physical and mental activity, bright white light is professional and demonstrates cleanliness, whereas neon and coloured lights are really attention grabbing.

The type of light you use can complement the impression your stand is giving.

Some forms of lighting commonly used at exhibitions include:

  • Ambient Lighting – general light that evokes a certain atmosphere or ambience
  • Task Lighting – performs a specific task, e.g. illuminating a certain product
  • Accent Lighting – attracts the eye to a specific area of the exhibition
  • Decorative Lighting – adds to the look and decorative element of your exhibition stand

What Lights Are Popular?

Currently, neon lighting in various forms is being used at a lot of exhibitions, popular with businesses to really make an impact and catch the eye.

However, if you have multiple small products you’re trying to show off, shelving with lighting pointed upwards to your products can be great for illuminating each individual piece.

If you’re after something more simple, some clip on LED lights might be a better option – they can attach to the outside of your stand structure and point wherever you want, illuminating only the area of your stand you wish them to illuminate.

There is always the option, however, to make an impact using bespoke lighting. Whether you want a certain custom colour light, a combination of lighting types for maximum effect or you’re simply looking to trial what looks best on your stand, bespoke lighting that offers a unique design and style of illumination might be the option for you.

How Can I Decide on My Lighting?

The most important thing to remember when choosing your lighting is to use it to create the mood you intend to evoke on your stand.

It’s also important to consider your budget, and if your budget allows, think of your lighting as multidimensional – like in your home, where you would have a main ceiling light and accent lights throughout to illuminate different areas of your room.

Some top tips for choosing your exhibition lighting include:

  • Make sure the system works for your business, whether this is budget-wise or the scheme/atmosphere you choose.
  • Think about the basics first – what’s the most important element of your stand and what lighting do you need to emphasise this?
  • Energy saving – are there ways you can reduce your expenses or the environmental impact of your lighting? Will this help with your reputation?

Your lighting can be an impactful part of your exhibition stand when you choose it correctly. For more help designing your exhibition stand and strategy, contact us at Custom Creative today.



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