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Making Your Exhibition Stand Unique

Posted on: Thursday, 10 October 2019)

In a crowd of other exhibitors and similar sized stands, you have to do something to stand out! This can be done as part of your stand design, your team or in little additions you bring to your booth.
Either way, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd and draw people’s attention for the right reasons.

So, what are some things you can do?

Do Something Unusual

You want to create a lasting impression on your visitors and be sure they remember you long after the exhibition is over.

One way to do this, and ensure your booth stands out to visitors is to do something unusual. It could be something just plain odd, for example hiring a juggler to give lessons on your stand, something people have never seen before, or a strange freebie like a Rubik’s cube or branded socks.

Whichever avenue you choose, bringing something to delight but also something unusual is one of the best ways to stand out and make yourself memorable.

Use Humour

We’ve all seen those adverts where companies are jokingly at odds with one another and their marketing shows this standoff.

It’s a great way to engage an audience and gain value from the marketing of another company too – not only this, but a lot of people love humour.

It’s wise to consider that not everybody’s humour is the same so being too risky or provocative might not be a good idea.

That being said, including some light humour, like a pun, play on words or light-hearted retaliation to a giant in the industry’s recent marketing can be very tongue in cheek and help your stand be unique, as many people are too scared to try this humorous approach! Think Pepsi’s Halloween campaign - the ad showed a Pepsi can wearing a Coca Cola costume and the tagline read “We wish you a Scary Halloween” indicating that Coca Cola was scary.

Incorporating another brand into your marketing can also help you stand out for other reasons – people see their logo and are drawn to you because of their trust for that brand, and then you can blow them away with how you’re even better!

Use Creative Stunts

Similar to bringing something unusual to the table, pulling a stunt can often work at standing out compared to other exhibitors. You could bring your dog to your stand, bring a big name in the industry to represent you, or bring in something like a car or boat to immediately catch people’s eye.

Some might consider this cheating, but in reality it’s a conversation starter! Ideally you would want this person or object to be relevant to your industry, but if you’re only looking to be unique and stand out to gain as many leads as possible rather than one or two qualified leads, this isn’t a necessity.

Use Designers Wisely

Every designer will have their own style, no matter how different they try to make their creations. If you’re attending a local exhibition and go to the same designer as every other company in the area, it’s unlikely your prints or graphics will stand out.

Sourcing designers elsewhere or a little bit further afield can mean you have graphics and materials that are more unique and don’t remind attendees of all of the other flyers, leaflets and graphics they’ll be seeing around the venue.

Be the Most Accommodating

If your team have the biggest smiles and the warmest welcome, and genuinely seem to be enthused about being on the stand and talking to attendees, this is a lot more likely to stand out than any other attempt at being unique.
People are likely to remember the staff member they spoke to being beyond helpful in answering their questions than they are a certain picture on a certain banner, so make sure to be the best when it comes to your attitude towards the day!

You’ll also find more success if your team are actively making eye-contact with passing visitors to the show, and asking intro questions to attract people onto the stand and a start a conversation.

For more help standing out at exhibitions, take a look at what we can do for you at Custom Creative.



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