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Our Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 June 2020)

Traditionally, when attending an exhibition, visitors were often presented with a sea of never ending, carbon-copy stands. Not only did this make the experience extremely boring, it also meant then when they left, the businesses which they communicated with, because a big convoluted mess in their memory.

Nowadays, thankfully, exhibitors are turning to bespoke solutions. This not only make the exhibition experience a much more pleasurable one, but also ensures that companies and visitors are much more engaged.

But how exactly can you get the best out of a bespoke exhibition stand? Here at Custom Creative we have been creating these for many years and below are our tips for ensuring your stand is a success! 

  1. Design with your goals in mind

Attending an exhibition is an expensive undertaking so a lot of planning goes into what you want to achieve and how. This shouldn’t stop when it comes to your stand. Speak to the team designing your stand about what your goals are and work with them to create a bespoke solution which complements these.

  1. Show off your brand

Your brand should be front and centre of the design. The point is to be remembered by visitors when they leave, so having a fantastic looking stand with all the bells and whistles is useless unless it also shows people who you are. You can also apply this logic if you are exhibition a certain product or promotion.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

A bespoke solution affords you a huge amount of creative flare. Remember, more and more people are starting to use bespoke exhibition stands so you need to think about what it going to help you stand out. What will make Jo Blogs visit you instead of your competitor five stands down?

  1. Make it welcoming

Not only do you want people to come, you want them to stay long enough to achieve your goals, be this a sale, a sign up or simply collecting a bit of information. Make sure you have somewhere to sit and chat, which is not to loud or packed with people. Ambient lighting and refreshments can also help.

  1. Be flexible

Finally, remember to be flexible. It is easy to think that once you have created a bespoke solution, this will be perfect for every exhibition, every year. However, this may not be the case; what works for one event may not work for another. Take the time to assess how successful your stand has been by looking at your KPIs and then make adjustments where necessary. This may be a few tweaks or completely new design; it will depend individual factors.

While it may seem like a large undertaking, creating a bespoke exhibition stand can be the difference between failure and success. It will help to increase footfall, stand out against competitors and generate more sales and enquires. If you want more information, or are looking for a bespoke solution, contact our team of experts today!



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