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Reducing Stress at Your Next Exhibition Day

Posted on: Saturday, 01 December 2018)

Every business owner knows how stressful some events can get. From things left behind to the star product of your show deciding not to work on the day, here are some of our top tips to help you relax before your next exhibition day.
Utilise lists

Lists are a brilliant tool for helping you plan. You can create lists of equipment and materials you must not forget to bring, and double check these once packed.

This means you can be sure in the knowledge that you have not forgotten anything if you’re crossing it off as you go. The positive psychological process involved with overcoming a list of tasks will unfold, and help you relax before your big moment.
Lists also allow you to prioritise your responsibilities, useful for situations in which there is more information than you think you can handle.

Have a spare pair of hands

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you have too many things to do. Having someone else with you at an exhibition can be crucial to reducing stress.

They could either be a hands-on helper who is able to assist you in setting up, or a pair of ears to listen to your stresses and help guide you through any problems you may face on the day.

Take your time

Leave yourself plenty of time on the day of the exhibition for transport issues. Doing this eliminates the worry of being late.
Allowing time also ensures you are able to set up equipment/décor to your liking and adjust this to best suit the space you’re given. It also gives you time to fix any issues such as broken technology or forgotten items provided the distance isn’t too far.

Look after yourself

Ensure you are personally prepared for the day of the exhibition. As tempting as it may be, don’t have that extra glass of wine to de-stress the night before, go to bed early, and wake up in the best mindset to start the day.

At the exhibition, don’t enjoy too many food-based freebies, stay hydrated and avoid too much caffeine.

The impression you give at the exhibition is what people will remember you by, so make it a good one by ensuring that you aren’t too tired or sluggish from the toll an exhibition day can take on you.

Have a practice run

This is one of the underestimated preparation tactics for an exhibition that can pay off. Having a test run of setting up means you have a rough idea of how long it will take you and can allow enough time for this.

Testing any equipment the day before also lets you diagnose and fix any problems that may have arisen. Should it all perform fine, you can then discard any worry relating to this.



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