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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Exhibition Stand

Posted on: Thursday, 14 November 2019)

Exhibition stand sourcing isn’t as simple as picking your favourite and immediately buying it. There are so many factors you need to evaluate before you make your final purchase of a stand.

Whether it’s your budget or customer base that are halting you in your tracks, here are some other factors you should bear in mind before you part with your business’s hard earned cash.


It might be self-explanatory, and obvious to some, but your budget should definitely be in mind when it comes to choosing your exhibition stand.

It’s far too easy to get carried away with fantastic features that might look great now, but when you’ve left the rest of your marketing budget sparse for the year, aren’t so appealing.

Your budget is a budget for a reason – it’s calculated based on what you can afford, so don’t leave yourself short by going over. A stunning stand won’t work so well if you can’t afford enough staff to man it, so consider your priorities.

Any reputable company will do their best to recommend a stand that is within your price point and still fulfils all of your necessary requests.


Keeping your ideal customer in mind when selecting your stand can help you make a more informed decision.

If your customer base tends to favour a straight forward and no-nonsense approach, you’ll need a smart and business-like stand to appeal to this audience. Your printed banners should focus on your primary message and get this across fast.

However, if your company is focused more on providing a fun experience to the customer, and your customer is the type who would enjoy this, then maybe a flashy and fun stand design is perfect for you!
First impressions really do count when it comes to exhibitions, so make sure your stand gives off the right ones!

ROI & Lifetime Cost

Stands can be incredibly expensive for a one time purchase. You ideally need to consider how many exhibitions you realistically think you’ll be attending to find one that’s at the right price point for you.

Provided you capture enough leads that turn into customers, your ROI could be massive. But, there’s always the chance this won’t be the case, and if so, you need to work out the lifetime cost of the stand and whether it’s worth purchasing for the outcome you get.

Working out the true cost and value of an exhibition stand can help you make a more informed decision about what is and isn’t right for you. Choosing a modular stand has massive benefits here, as they can grow and adapt with your business.


Sometimes, hiring an external contractor to create your stand can be a great idea. They have experience and insight into the exhibition circle that you just don’t.

Sometimes, their eye and skills can be make or break for your design.

The downside of using a contractor though, is that they might not be able to represent your brand in the way that you would choose, or in a way that most conveys your message.

Any good contractor though, will listen in depth to your requirements and what’s important to you to design your stand exactly how you want it, so make sure to choose a reputable person or company like us at Custom Creative!


Your stand should meet your goals. Whether this is to gain as many leads from one exhibition or trade show, or go to as many trade shows as possible to get your name out there, your stand should fulfil these targets.

If you’re looking to only attend the one exhibition for example, it may be worth hiring a stand rather than purchasing, or choosing recyclable materials if you’re not fussed about the durability.

If you’re looking to attend multiple exhibitions a year, however, you may want to select a stand that is sturdier and will be adaptable space and size wise at a number of different venues.

It’s important to have these goals in mind when selecting your ideal exhibition stand. For more help designing your stand a deciding what’s right for you, contact us today.




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