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Tips for Attracting Visitors at Smaller Exhibitions

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 October 2018)

Successful exhibiting is about ambition, and although an attractive stand that takes centre stage can help bring people over, it’s what they gain from being at your stand that they will take away with them.

At smaller exhibitions, this can be even harder to do than usual due to limited space and less visitors. If you have that ambition though, there are some things you can do to make the most out of your time at a smaller exhibition.

Promote to see a result

If you aren’t putting your company out there, how do you expect people to know about you?

Make it easy for people to find you, give them the details and help make your audience aware the exhibition is being held.
You can use special offers to entice people in – this could be the deciding factor as to whether a client converts or not. Make your business known and give value.

Understand your audience

As all businesses know, it is vital to target the right people. At a smaller show with less opportunity, it is even more important to be focused on buyer personas.

The intimate element of smaller shows means you can spend more time talking and personalising your business. However, it could be so easy to waste 30 minutes speaking to somebody who will never be interested in your business, and let the perfect opportunity walk by.
Keeping your buyer personas at the forefront of your conversations allows you to target those you know will convert. There is nothing rude with excusing yourself from a conversation if you promise to provide a follow up – after all, exhibitions are grander forms of networking in its simplest state.

Use the space assigned to you

It can be difficult to let your stand say all you want it to say when you’re restricted to a small cube of space.

Making the most of your space is crucial to making your stand engaging and good at attracting customers. Build upwards - if you can’t use any more floor space use air space! Eye level graphics could do more than graphics on a table at thigh level.

The appearance of your stand is more important than the size. Good branding and cohesion can do wonders for grabbing people’s attention – a smaller stand looking full of people is better than a bigger, empty stand.

Choose the right team

If you’re not talking to a customer, your team will be. Make sure you bring people along who truly understand the values and message of your company.

This way, you have trusted and energetic people representing your business and drawing in customers.

At a small show make sure to only bring a few people with you – this way they can invest time into all customers, but not have a stand that is too intimidating for customers to come up to.



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