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Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Posted on: Wednesday, 01 August 2018)

Attracting visitors to your stand is one of the first stages of a successful exhibition and in some cases one of the most important parts of the whole process. We all know that we need to get people over to the stand but how exactly do you do this?

We have a few tips for you to catch the visitor’s attention for your stand, from your design to how you approach them.

Stand Design

The first thing visitors are going to see is your stand so catch their eye straight away. You want to grab their attention with your stand and to do this, you will need to plan in advance and really work towards a great stand design.

Make sure that your stand is visible from down the aisle and can catch a visitor’s eye with the use of bold colours and graphics. When your stand is bold and noticeable, more people will come over on their own accord to find out what you do.

Branding is important and keeping your stand cohesive with your company branding may help you tremendously. If a visitor has seen some of your marketing before, having your stand designed with strong branding in mind will jog their memory about your company and immediately you’ve built a layer of trust with them.

Include key pieces of information on your stand, such as your services or tagline. These need to be bold and clear to read from a distance. Avoid putting too much text on your stand as this can seem overwhelming and people aren’t likely to read it anyway.

Try something new at your next exhibition, experiment with technology like lighting, sounds and screens for your stand. People respond positively when their different senses are activated, and technology can help you to do just that.


You have two options when it comes to staffing your stand: using your own team or hiring event staff. If you are using your team, they should know everything about your company and what you can offer to prospects. On the other hand, if you are bringing in event staff, you need to ensure they’re fully briefed on your business, the messages you want to get across and even your brand values.

Continuing on from your stand branding, it is also a good idea to get your staff to wear a branded uniform. This way you can keep your whole stand looking professional, but it will also help if they’re walking around the hall to raise awareness for your business and stand.

How your team act at this event will be crucial to your success. You need your staff to be friendly and approachable, not sitting in the corner with the nose in a phone screen. Make sure your team is smiling at everyone and trying to make eye contact with passers-by.

Approach the visitors, start a conversation with them to entice them to your stand. Once this initial contact has been made with them, it will be easier to talk to them about your business. This may mean leaving the comfort of your stand and going into the aisle to grab the attention of passers-by.

When choosing your staff, it may be a good thing to consider your target market. Which staff members are going to be able to relate and communicate with your market on their level? This will also help put your prospects at ease if they feel like can relate to your team.

Offers and Competitions

Everyone loves a bargain or a one-off offer, and you can capitalise on this at your next exhibition.

Competitions are a great way to grab someone’s attention and start a conversation. Most visitors at an exhibition will want the chance of winning something so are more likely to come over to your stand when told about this.

On the other hand, you could use a limited time offer to attract people over. When people feel like they’re getting a good deal, they’re more likely to come over to talk to you and your team or listen to what you’ve got to say.

These are both good ways to drive traffic to your stand, and word of mouth at a trade show can be extremely powerful. When word gets out about your great offer or competition, you’re more likely to receive a higher footfall to your stand.

These are only a few of the ways that you can attract visitor attention to your exhibition stand, but it is the difference between an extremely successful day or a waste of one. Try a few of these tips out and see what works best for your business.



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