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Top 3 Phenomenal Exhibition Stand Designs to Surpass Competition

Posted on: Wednesday, 09 August 2017)

Customer Creative is a leading exhibition design agency specialising in creating innovative and unique exhibition stand designs to help businesses shine. Thanks to our focused, energetic and professional approach, we have built a stellar reputation as the go-to exhibition stand design company in the UK. We are extremely friendly to work with and will provide you with a dedicated project manager who will competently manage your project from the conceptualisation through to the designing and delivery.

Our Creative Designers Offer Ingenious Exhibition Stand Design Solutions

No matter the budget or size of your project, we are committed to making your exhibition a huge success. We can provide you with a wide array of solutions to meet your specific needs and business objectives. Broadly speaking, we categorise our design solutions under 3 types. Here, take a look.

  • Modular exhibition stand - These stands are lightweight, can be easily transported and comes in all shapes and sizes. It can suit all budgets and can also be reconfigured to suit specific stand layout. They are constructed using aluminum frames with infill panels, which can be made of shelves, graphics or solid panels. This type of stand is a wonderful option for those who wish to build a stand themselves. If you need the stand to fit a vehicle of any size, you can talk to our design experts.
  • Shell scheme Dress - Planning your first exhibition? There cannot be a better exhibition stand than shell scheme. These stands perfectly cater to any budget and you can view them as black canvas. This is because what you are actually getting is a framework, which you will be using to promote your company, product offerings and so on. Our dynamic team of designers will be happy to help you fill in the canvas so that your exhibition stand is instantly noticed amongst the crowd.
  • Bespoke exhibition stand - If you want your exhibition stand to work exactly the way you want it to, opt for our bespoke exhibition stand solution. We will provide you with a fully customisable exhibition stand design that not only compliments, but boosts your corporate branding, as well. The options are practically limitless.

At Custom Creative, we are devoted to taking the strain and stress out of planning a successful exhibition. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific design requirements.



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