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What Role Does Graphic Design Play in Exhibiting?

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 April 2020)

Visuals have always played a huge role in most forms of marketing, whether this is print, digital or media. So why then, is it so easy to overlook when it comes to planning your tradeshow?

The simple fact is, attending a tradeshow is a massive undertaking, there are so many things to juggle that it easy to overlook your graphic design. But while it may not be that high up on your list, there are so many benefits to a well-executed graphic design campaign that you may just want to rethink.

Graphic Design's Role

When attending a trade show, you can be almost certain that you will be surrounded by at least a few of your main competitors. So, you need a hook which will draw visitors away from them and towards you. The graphics you display will most likely be the first thing people notice about your stand.

As people, we seek out attractive, easy to digest information and graphics offer just this. Banners, posters and signage is the perfect opportunity to show visitors why they should be visiting your stall over all the others.

An effective graphic design campaign will tell a story and create an emotional response at a quick glance. You can even include important information which you want to communicate, such as your USP or a discount offer, in a very effective manner. While this doesn’t replace a sales pitch, it can lead nicely into one.

In addition, the graphic design aspects which you choose to use are incredibly important in advertising your brand identity and creating a lasting impression in your visitor’s minds. By including your logo, brand colours and fonts on your graphics, not only are you sign posting existing customers to where you are, you are also making sure that any new faces will be able to easily recognise you out in the real world. This is especially important when following up with marketing emails and the like.

To put it plainly, by taking the time to make sure your graphics are interesting, aesthetically pleasing and inline with your brand, you are confirming that you stand out from the crowd. This will in turn increase footfall and help to generate the level of enquires you are seeking.

A boring, uninviting and forgettable stand is a huge waste of money.

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