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Why You Should Launch Your Product at an Exhibition...

Posted on: Thursday, 13 June 2019)

Exhibitions aren’t necessarily the first place you would think to launch a product – surely they’re best used to connect with people and build up your database? You can hold a product launch at any time?

There are some hidden benefits of launching a product at an exhibition that might just help you attract an entirely new audience and see a much greater buzz around your product. So, what are these benefits?

You’re Already in Front of an Audience

When you’re exhibiting at an event, there are so many people already attending.

Take the opportunity to wow all of these people who are already in the vicinity and attending the event to find out more information – the chances are they will reciprocate well and show interest in what you’re trying to achieve.

Depending on your industry and the product you’re launching too, you can really tailor your exhibition attendance to the event that will reach the most people interested in your products and services.

Saves on Finances

If you’re working on a budget but have a lot to achieve over the year, combining these two events might be the way to solve all of your problems and be one of the best reasons to launch a product at an exhibition.

You can invest your money into one dual event rather than spending your cash on exhibiting and on launching your new product.

Having the extra budget can assist you in making sure the one event is of the absolute best quality too, instead of holding two less than perfect events.

Live Demos

One of the best reasons to launch your product at an exhibition is the fact that you’re really able to show off to the people around you. Catch their eye and interest straight away.

You can involve live demos in your product launch and show people what your new product is about. The opportunity to truly impress is there, so take it!

Live Feedback

Another great benefit of launching a product at an exhibition is the opportunity to gain live feedback. Attendees are able to test your product and really see how it works, then feedback to you directly about their experiences.

This can allow you to gain insight into how your product is really going to perform in the market and gives you the chance to iron out any issues that are easily fixable or that your test audience at the exhibition don’t like.

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