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An Exhibition Countdown – What You Need to do Before the Big Day

An exhibition is an event that takes a lot of planning. From your stand and your graphics, to organising your team and p…

Posted on 05/02/2019

Audience Engagement Ideas to Use at Exhibitions

It’s crucial to attract an audience to your exhibition stand. If you don’t, there’s nobody to discuss your products or s…

Posted on 07/01/2019

Reducing Stress at Your Next Exhibition Day

Every business owner knows how stressful some events can get. From things left behind to the star product of your show d…

Posted on 01/12/2018

Tips for Attracting Visitors at Smaller Exhibitions

Successful exhibiting is about ambition, and although an attractive stand that takes centre stage can help bring people …

Posted on 16/10/2018

Making Your Exhibition Stand Sustainable

Sustainability is quite the topic of concern over the recent months. There are many ways we can all contribute to creati…

Posted on 15/10/2018

Using Social Media Complement Your Exhibition Stand

Social media is a must for any business, and there are times where your company should really utilise the power of socia…

Posted on 04/09/2018

Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Attracting visitors to your stand is one of the first stages of a successful exhibition and in some cases one of the mos…

Posted on 01/08/2018

Worldwide Design & Installation

As a world renowned Exhibition stand design agency, there are no boundaries in what we can achieve anywhere on the plane…

Posted on 17/07/2018

Are You Following Up Your Exhibition Leads Effectively?

The main reason that most businesses go to an exhibition is to generate leads and network, but what good is this lead ge…

Posted on 02/07/2018

Group & Country Pavilions

Recently Custom Creative worked in conjunction with the Chemical Industries Association to help promote UK chemical base…

Posted on 26/06/2018

Exhibition Stand Design: Modular or Bespoke?

Getting noticed at an exhibition is a daunting task, much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Since several hundred…

Posted on 06/04/2018

Create a Lasting Impression with Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

An exhibition stand should enhance and complement your corporate branding efforts and with Custom Creative’s bespoke exh…

Posted on 28/03/2018

How can Event Branding and Roadshow Management Drive Awareness for Your Company?

Roadshows are one of the most interesting ways to spread your company’s message and create brand awareness amongst poten…

Posted on 28/02/2018

What Are The Features Of A Reliable Exhibition Stand Contractor?

Exhibitions are a wonderful way to enhance face-to-face marketing and we, at Custom Creative, completely understand that…

Posted on 10/01/2018

3 Types of Exhibition Stands You Could Choose For Your Next Exhibition

Exhibition Exhibitions are a great way of connecting with your target audience and enhancing brand awareness. At Custom…

Posted on 16/10/2017

Top 3 Stand Designs To Use At Your Next Exhibition

Custom Creative is the leading exhibition design agency in the UK specialising in designing and building exhibition stan…

Posted on 14/09/2017

Top 3 Phenomenal Exhibition Stand Designs to Surpass Competition

Customer Creative is a leading exhibition design agency specialising in creating innovative and unique exhibition stand …

Posted on 09/08/2017

Marketing Ideas For The Successful Launch Of A New Product

In today’s consumer-driven world, you need to seize every opportunity to generate goodwill, build relationships and earn…

Posted on 28/07/2017

Exhibition Stand Design Is Key To A Successful Show

Custom Creative is a premiere exhibition design agency in the UK offering customised exhibition stand design solutions t…

Posted on 06/07/2017

Types of Exhibition Stands that Can Help Your Business Shine

The dynamic team at Custom Creative understand what it takes to make your company stand out at an exhibition. We have ye…

Posted on 15/06/2017

Find Out How A Stand Design Can Give A Distinct Look to Your Exhibition

Custom Creative is a passionate and dynamic exhibition design agency in the UK. Due to our years of industry-experience …

Posted on 10/05/2017

Looking for a high end bespoke stand at your next event?

Look no further! With our extensive experience and an abundance of talent we create engaging exhibition design and buil…

Posted on 17/02/2017

Good feedback from Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone gives us great feedback for a recent project we done for him and his team. Great to work with a high profil…

Posted on 05/09/2016

Design, Develop & Create

Design, Develop & Create Bespoke Exhibition Stand designs

Posted on 08/08/2016

GREAT Chemspec exhibition stand

It was a pleasure to be involved with the UK pavilion at Chemspec this month held in Basel, Switzerland. We were tasked…

Posted on 07/06/2016

Harrods shop Windows

We were truly honoured to be involved with the design and installation of a high end Real Estate shop fit within Harrods…

Posted on 22/03/2016

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